Oct 1, 2014

Tiger vs. The Snake

If you know anything about the Breed you know Tiger loves him some big dick. And if you know anything else you know Jordan got some big fuckin' dick... so this is a match made in humpin' heaven! Tiger has got to put in a little work in the beginning but once he gets right that hole takes hold until Jordan nuts that ass up and sucks it back out!
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Career Ladder

Fernando is trying to work his way up the corporate ladder at his new job but all they have him doing is making copies after copies and more copies of all kinds of different paperwork. He is fed up with it and he wasn't hired to make copies. He complains to his coworker Rodrigo about it, but he doesn't care and hands Fernando more papers to make copies. Fernando heads to his boss David who is waiting for all the paperwork. Fernando complains to David about how frustrated he is and what he can do to get more responsibility. David lets him know it's easy for him to move up but first he needs to stand up and turn around which Fernando does but confused as to why. David rips off Fernando's belt and pulls his pants down and rams his face deep into Fernando's soft smooth ass. Fernando doesn't mind at all and lets his boss take full advantage of the situation. David than starts to fuck him nice and hard pounding that new employee ass but then picks up the phone and calls Rodrigo over to the office to fuck Fernando's mouth and ass as well. Fernando gets fucked from all directions bent over the office desk and eventually laid out on his back while his bosses fill every hole available. Once their balls are empty they send Fernando back to work making more copies.
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Sep 30, 2014

Del James and Sam Porter

Del James and Sam Porter provide big, really big, uncut cocks and tight, raw holes. Sam Porter couldn't wait to get down and suck on Del's oversized black, uncut cock, and as you'll see, Del was aching for some raw dick in his hole. These two, randy studs get down in some nasty man-on-man action as we linger in really close to see Del's tight hole ripple around Sam's fat dick. It's Del's first ever porn scene and he took to it like a cum-piggy natural. Just wait until you see Sam pumping his load all over Del's smooth arse cheeks, then sliding the gooey mess back into him, right up to the balls.
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