Jul 23, 2014

Training Torres

Harlem has become NYC’s melting pot with a mix of races and ethnicities all together, and these dudes take full advantage of being able to mix it up in minutes! Jerry’s long ass dick gets around . . . and today it makes a stop in Draven’s honey hole! Jerry had been eying Draven for days and he finally got a chance to “get a little closer” . . . and deeper. Draven is used to getting dicked but had never quite had a piece like Jerry’s; well,
there’s a first time for everything!
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The Favor

Gabriel Vanderloo asks his friend Goran to do him a favor; trim the hairs on his ass.  Goran is shocked at his request but Vanderloo convinced him to help him out . . . after all they're just guys. But when Goran feasts his eyes on Gabriel's growing boner he figures out that Gabriel has something more in mind. . . and Goran has no qualms on helping a friend out. Get ready for some ridiculously intense sucking, rimming and fucking that will make you explode like never before.
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Hung and Proud

The boys are back in the locker room dressing down before the big party when they notice a new guy named Santiago who they think is nerdy. They gather around in a circle talking shit about his clothes while he stands in the corner alone dressing down. As the boys continue to laugh and mock him they all whip out their cocks to see who is the biggest. All their dicks are out and they notice Santiago’s long thick cock as he drops his underwear to the ground. The boys call him over into the circle and start to congratulate him for having such a nice cock. Before you know it they are all touching and stroking each other not leaving a cock without a hand or mouth on it. Since Santiago is the new guy he is the one down on his knees servicing the hung college jocks. He is loving every minute of it and is stoked he is part of the group now. His jaw never gets tired as he moves from one dick to the next stroking, spitting and slobbering all over them. He’s getting these boys off real good so they set him up just right and one by one they shoot their hot cum right into his open mouth. As the cum is dripping off his face Santiago blasts a huge load of his own up onto his smooth college jock chest.
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