Apr 22, 2014

My Straight Roommate

Stag Homme presents Nicolas Taximan as Goran's straight roommate in the the third installment of the series. Goran arrives home to find Nicolas jerking off in the kitchen. He then takes out his dick and starts jerking off to his straight roommate without him noticing. What unravels is that not only does Goran get to suck Nicolas' big fat Brazilian meat but also gets a pounding he'll never forget.
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Tyler Dee and Ethan White Interracial Fun

There was a time – before either Tyler Dee or Ethan White were born – when the very idea of a seeing an interracial gay coupling would almost have been sufficient to cause a civil disturbance. In these relaxed times, however, no-one seems to give a fuck – except, of course, for the guys themselves, who in this instance are a pair of cute, not to mention extremely horny youngsters with one thing on their mind and one thing only!
As such, it’s no real surprise that Dee has soon taken the opportunity to pull White’s hairless dick from his pants, slurping on the white boy’s handsome ramrod for all it’s worth. Clearly unwilling to be outdone, however, White is soon returning the favour – revealing in the process how Dee’s meaty black dick is just as cleanly shaved as his own. But the main action doesn’t really begin until Dee finally gives into temptation and plonks himself down on White’s swollen shaft, riding every inch of hard flesh for all he’s worth. From that point on, it’s pretty obvious that Dee’s a boy who lives for dick, taking his mate’s poker in a whole series of positions and very clearly loving every single second of it! 
It’s no big wonder, therefore, when the barrage of excitement proves all too much for Dee, who promptly proceeds to squirt a fabulous flood of hot jizz over his own belly whilst his ass continues to be poked unmercifully! All that remains to be done from that point on is for White to pump his own wad – which he does, all over Dee’s chest – and the shoot’s a wrap. Leaving two happy boys and (no question) an audience longing for more!
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Apr 21, 2014

Niero and Yahir

Big dick Niero wanted to take the big dick challenge and take 9.5 inches of Yahir steel. We trying to stick with keeping our regulars versatile, you want to give some cock, you got to take some! Yahir reluctantly agreed but demanded we buy him a watermelon. Yahir is good at taken cock but he is still a better top than bottom.
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Occasionally we comb through the local classified ads to see if we can find cute Latino models which is where we found Zico. He posted an M4W ad with a few of his photos showing his huge cock so we took a chance and asked him if he might be willing to do some nude modeling for pay. He said no at first but then changed his mind a couple weeks later. Zico is 20 years old and from the San Gabriel Valley where he likes to hang out with friends, play video games and eat his favorite food Ramen noodles. Sexually he says he's straight but has gotten his dick sucked by another guy on a private video and is considering doing a LatinBoyz Amateur action scene.