Oct 31, 2014

Romulo Bangs Gustavo Henry

Romulo (who is now sporting a sexy hairy chest) is impressed with Gustavo's fine ass.   The look of it in his speedos is making him hard and Gustavo rubs it against Romulo's bulging pants.   Gustavo removes Romulo's hard cock and gently licks it all over and sucks his balls.   Romulo then reciprocates before he starts to rim Gustavo's fine ass.   Now its good a lubed he starts to impale the tight hole with his thick cock.   Gustavo is loving it and soon his chest is covered in both of their cum! 
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Cumming Unannounced

The two gay African Black boys are having a nice slow fuck being they are both new and breaking into gay bareback sex. But the pace picks up and now the two horny black boys are fucking with rhythm. Without warning, and while Micheal is fucking him, Kim squirts his cum all over his six pack abs.
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Oct 30, 2014

Gym Partners

It’s the classic story of boy meets boy at the gym. While Tyson Tyler gets his swell on with a set of dumbbells, Damian Brooks works out his glutes with some leg lifts. Tyson likes what he sees and Damian can tell. After all, who wouldn’t be aroused by those shapely cheeks? Damian continues on to other exercises, but moves closer and closer to the incredibly sexy Tyson. After only a few words muttered by Tyson in his hot Scottish accent, Damian is slurping his enormous, pulsating dick. Now THIS is the type of workout every guy should have routinely. They move to the weight bench where Damian sucks some more. Then Tyson positions Damian for some sweet ass licking. After Damian’s tight hole is nice and wet, Tyson inserts his mammoth erection and pounds Damian’s bubbly bottom. Join these guys in the weight room for a super hot romp where these smoking hot dudes are getting a serious sweat going!
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