Sep 23, 2014

Jin Powers and Rocky Calloway

Rocky Calloway told us the only way we'd get him on camera was if we served him up a hot load straight to the face. Luckily, Jin Powers is more than willing to oblige, making this newcomer drop to his knees and suck 'til his throat is coated in cum.
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Sep 22, 2014

Esteban Fucks John Rodriguez

Esteban is in the house today exposing his gargantuan cock and challenging a new eager bottom.  He meets John Rodriguez who we will always remember as the first guy who could take Esteban´s monster in a second and even asking for more deep and hard ass fucking. John will surely come back and I hope some day we can give him two big cocks at the same time. This man can take them!
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Sep 21, 2014

Greyson and Tex

I start the ball rolling by making the guys talk to me in their underwear and bringing out the Bowl of Tricks. Greyson draws first and only has to lick Tex's ear. But when Tex draws, he gets to slap Greyson in the mouth with his dick. Greyson takes Tex's cock to the face and even tries to help get him hard. When it's Greyson's turn, he draws paddling and happily delivers some serious whacks to Tex. But the tables turn when he has to eat ass for the first time. I tell Tex to keep sucking Greyson's cock, and it's not long before he's ready to shoot. When he's done, I have him suck Tex's nipples while he beats off, and Tex blows a big wad out of his uncut cock.
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