Sep 2, 2014

Dirty Fuckers (Sean and Johnny)

Exclusives Sean Zevran and Johnny V have what are arguably the best muscle physiques in porn today. Giant pecs, bulging biceps, ripped abs, rock hard cocks and asses–these guys are prime specimens of the male form. And they are nasty fuckers who live lives focused on sexual pleasure! Johnny is the bottom in this scene, and gives Sean a blow job that must be seen to be believed. Next Sean delivers a rim job that has Johnny writhing in ecstasy. If you are a fan of muscle butt, then this rim job is for you. But the best part of the scene is a two position fuck that makes this scene a sure award contender! Watch as two of the hottest men alive have uninhibited sex, just for you.
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Kamrun and Dylan Summers

Dylan Saunders slut hole does not discriminate against cocks and loves to please all cocks equally – with a nice loose hole so when he had to give up his holes for Kamrun he couldn’t wait to do his duty. Dylan got to work and swallowed Kamrun’s fat uncut cock to get it nice and hard and ready for some serious ass fucking. Kamrun plugged that hole with his fat cock and fucked that boy pussy balls deep making that hole beg for more raw cock!
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Sep 1, 2014

Butch Grand and Carioca

Hairy hunk Butch teams up with the gorgeously mixed race Carioca in an intense session!! Carioca’s huge dick wins the day as Butch can’t get enough of it!! His buff, hair covered body begs for it inside him, getting face fucked and trying to swallow it down to the hilt!! Exploring Butch’s ass, Carioca spends ages spitting, licking and fingering that hairy hole, tasting as much as he can before that mighty meat is ploughed deep into it, fucking him into the sofa and opening up his butt, the ceaseless fucking gives one of the best times either have had, and watching Carioca’s defined body flex with each thrust is unbelievably horny!
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