Jul 30, 2014

Straight Man Fucks Me Episode 7

Stag Homme returns with another amazing episode of Straight Man Fucks Me this time with a 24 years old thug that cums 3 times!! Once inside Francesco's mouth, then inside his ass resulting in a lot of the condom full of cum sucking, and lastly after teasing Francesco's hole with his humongous cock the stud fucks him in 2 positions then pulls out and cums allover his mouth and face in an explosive cumshot that will make you bust a nut in matter of seconds. One of the best episodes from this series. Enjoy it until the last drop.
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Jul 29, 2014

Rex and Ricky

If you happen to live in the Dallas Texas area, you probable know these two buddies. Rex and Ricky have been friends with benefits for quite so time, and they have been know how to put on live shows from time to time. They are quite the unlikely pairing but believe me it works. You can tell these two know how to please each other. Ricky is tall and shredded from head to toe with a perfect muscled ass and a big fat cock. Rex and his shaved head and tan toned body with a big fat cock of his own has to be the reason that these two have remained friends for so long. The boys took a naked dip in the pool before they traded blow jobs. We all thought that Rex was going to get his ass tore open by Ricky's big black cock but we were in for a treat when Rex bent Ricky over the edge of the pool and started to eat dinner out of his tight hole. Rex stuck his hard throbbing cock into Ricky's dark hole and pounded away. Before it was over, Rex wanted Ricky's cock in his hole so he could shoot his load. (that's what friends are for) Rex finished his buddy off by taking a hot load down his throat.
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Dewayne King and Marco Ashton

Marco Ashton and Dewayne King sit in on their last class of Algebra 102 for the semester. The substitute, Mr. Pope comes in to explain what the day’s assignment is about. After he leaves Dewayne tells Marco that he doesn't understand how to do the equations. He asks Marco to come over and show him how to do it along with a few other things. Dewayne pulls his dick out and has Marco suck on it then puts Marco up against the wall and starts to fuck his ass deep and rough. He taps that shit until he's ready to bust and shoots his nut all over Marco's face. Marco empties his nut all over his stomach and they call it a day.
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